Ahle Bayt Institute

Center for Ishq

Hazrat Umar al-Farooq RA once said to the Holy Prophet ﷺ, “O Messenger of Allah, you are more beloved to me than everything except my own self.” 

Allah’s Messenger ﷺ  responded, “By the One in Whose Hand is my soul, not until I am more beloved to you than your own soul.”  

Hazrat Umar RA paused and reflected.  Then he responded, “By Allah, now you are more beloved to me than my own soul.”  

Allah’s Messenger ﷺ told him that now he had the complete faith.1   

When a Muslim reaches this state, his Iman (Belief) is complete, he is in total submission to Allah & His Beloved Messenger ﷺ and he reaches the state of Ihsan, Spiritual Perfection.  After this point, the journey of Divine Love begins, Ishq-e-Nabi ﷺ. 

1. Sahih Bukhari & Sahih Muslim